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Monday, October 27, 2008

Neighborhood Spotlight: Grant Park

Grant Park is an the in-town neighborhood surrounding Grant Park, It is Atlanta's largest historic neighborhood in Atlanta and includes the 48 acres of Oakland Cemetery, and many Civil War dead are buried. The Grant Park area is where a significant portion of the Battle of Atlanta was faught on July 22, 1864. The battle was part of General Shermans Campaign to the Sea and was the major objective in that campaign.

The Grant Park neighborhood was named for Lemuel P. (L.P.) Grant, a civil engineer for the Georgia Railroad who has been called the "Father of Atlanta." Grant Park, as a neighborhood, began to be populated in the 1890's. Craftsmen built many of the architecturally distinctive homes in the neighborhood. The streets are line with late 19th and early 20th century Victorian, Queen Anne and Arts and Crafts style homes.

Lemuel donated the 100 acres of Grant Park to the city.

Grant Park Neighborhood is also home to the oldest park in Atlanta. It is the fourth largest park in the city.

Grant Park has two major attractions besides the park itself: Zoo Atlanta, established in 1889 and originally known as the Grant Park Zoo; and the Atlanta Cyclorama featuring the 1864 Battle of Atlanta.