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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Best Way to see Atlanta is Your Choice

The Atlanta Trolley Tour Line provides visitor’s with an excellent resource for seeing the city, for getting information about the city and as a way for transportation to the different attractions and sightseeing locations around the city. Your ticket is good for all day riding
There are several ways to utilize your trolley tour ticket.

1. Use your ticket to ride the 1 ½ hour tour loop first. This will give you a great orientation of the city and help you plan out what sites you would like to go back and visit at a later time.

2. Use your ticket and begin to get off the trolley and visit locations as you make your trip around Atlanta.

3. If you only have a very short time or lay over at the airport the tour will give a grand tour of the city in a short time. You will be able to return to your meeting or flight without problems.

We have found that all 3 methods of touring are about as equal in popularity.

With option 1, this is perfect for those people who have never visited Atlanta before and will be in town for several days. The tour will help orient you to the city and where our most popular locations are located. You can the return to your favorite spots a later time or take the next trolley and start your visitations.

With option two, this is perfect for those who already have sights they want to see in mind or have a planned agenda for their day. You can plan your agenda based on the trolley stops and start your visitations right away on the first tour.

With option 3, our airport is the busiest airport in the world and many visitors to Atlanta have only a few hours to enjoy their stay. Trolley stop #1 is also located at the 5 points Subway stop which is just a quick 15/20 minute ride from the airport by subway. This is perfect for the quick trip into the heart of f downtown and your tour of Atlanta.

No matter which way you decide to see the city the Atlanta Trolley Tour Line will give you a fun, entertaining and educational experience.