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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Atlanta Tour and Sightseeing Route

if you go to http://www.atlantatrolleytourline.com and click on the trolley stops page you will find a list of all the locations that our sightseeing tours goes by. We have built into the tour loop 11 stops where a visitor can get off the trolley and go visit attractions, parks, and historic locations.

It is not easy to devlope a loop that tries to hit many of these locations while at the same time trying to find a route that will showcase the city and its highlights and history.

Traffic flow, locations of sites, driving through streets that have interesting strories and history and time constraints are just some of the factors that go into developing the route.

After lots of thought and research it was decided to keep the tour based on Atlanta's main street, Peachtree Street. Peachtree is like the spine of the city and it moves North to South through the heart of the city. It was then decide to base the route as a continous weaving actions across this most famous street.

From there it was easy to see which attractions and sites the route would hit. After several months of trial runs the tour began with 13 stops. This included a stop at Atlanta Station.
Once the 14th street bridge was closed for replacement the Atlanta Station stop had to be discountinued due to an overwhelming increase in traffic volume. During the first 3 months of trial runs the route changes a total of 6 times

The tour is designed to take 1 1/2 hours through the city. We have found that a majority of people want a good short tour of a city. They also want options as to being able to visit attractions along the route.

We began with the timing, placed Peachtree St at the center of the route and then made a list of all attractions, historic locations, parks, buildings of interest and shopping locations along this street.

We then spent several weeks in our cars ( at some of the highest gas prices ) and drove around the city zig zagging across Peachtree St. After another month of trial runs in the trolley during the winter of 08 we finally tweeked the timing and the route.

The tour routes goes through several neighborhoods of the city:

Downtown, Somerhill, Grant Park, Cabbagetown, Sweet Auburn District, SoNo District, Midtown, Ansley Neighborhood, Georgia Tech Campus, Centennial Olympic Park and the Luckie Marietta District.

If you look at a map of Atlanta you can see that Peachtree St. runs pretty right throug the center of all these neighborhoods. We also have stops located at almost every major attraction and site in these neighborhoods.

It took some time to develope our route and we think it serves a great purpose. The route, like anything else, is always evolving and changing. This only helps to make the tour experience even better.